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“A Happier, stronger, calmer mom makes
for a happier, stronger calmer

Jyothi Larson

Yoga Mom (Babysitting Optional)
Mondays:  11:00 - 12:00

Mom and Baby Yoga
Wednesdays:  11:45 - 12:45

Other family yoga and mommy and me classes are also available. 
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These classes are designed for you to attend with your new baby once you have had your postpartum check up until your baby begins crawling.  Postnatal Yoga helps mom to rebuild strength and aids in the body's recovery after birth.  Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation support healing, toning and relaxation.  Bond with your baby in a safe and loving environment.  Yoga mats, blankets and props for mom and baby are provided free of charge. 

Please note all Postnatal classes are considered adult classes and you will need to purchase an adult package in order to attend.


The benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

 For Mom

-      strengthens the abdominal wall and pelvic floor
-      increases energy
-      teaches relaxation techniques
-      helps to strengthen, stretch and relax the body
-      improves overall mood to help with “baby blues”
-      nurtures the bond between mom and baby
-      meet other new moms in the community

 For Baby

-     helps baby sleep better
-     eases colic, gas, and fussiness
-     aids in digestion
-     strengthens babies growing muscles and bones
-     develops social and play skills
-     assists in babies natural development from cobra to crawling to walking